Tanikala 2017


Tanikala (Shackles) is CBN Asia’s yearly TV drama special that airs nationwide in the Philippines every Holy Week. It features true-to-life stories of Filipinos who fought their way out of the darkness of their lives, and found the light of the truth in Jesus.


Why Give to CBN Asia?

Why Give to CBN Asia?

Ever wondered where your donations to CBN Asia go?

It goes to the production of The 700 Club Asia, Superbook, and Tanikala and the work of the CBN Asia Prayer Center, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, and the Asian Center for Missions.

The 700 Club Asia – Inspirational TV Show that brings hope, peace, and freedom to the hopeless and broken.

Superbook – Children’s Animated Series that empowers the next generation to live by godly principles.

Tanikala – Holy Week Special brings breakthrough and new beginnings to millions.

CBN Asia Prayer Center – Provides 24/7 hotlines for prayer, hope, and encouragement.

Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines – Humanitarian Arm that helps the poorest – of – the – poor and rebuilds marginalized communities.

Asian Center for Missions – Missionary Training Arm which equips Filipinos to share God’s love to the nations.


Sa murang edad, nasaksihan ni Nestor Quilat ang pagpaslang sa kanyang mga magulang at mga kapatid. Naglaho sa isip niya ang mga importateng detalye ng kanyang buhay, maging ang sariling pangalan. Lumaki siyang lansangan at bilangguan ang itinuring na tahanan. Makawala pa kaya siya sa tanikala ng kanyang nakaraan na gumagapos sa kanyang pagkatao?

Abangan ang espesyal na handog sa inyo ng CBN Asia ngayong Semana Santa, ang Tanikala: “Buyonero”. Biyernes Santo, 5:30 p.m., sa GMA.


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March 24, 2016, 5:30 – 7:30 PM on GMA

Nestor Quilat witnessed the tragic death of his parents at such a young age. He grew up fending for himself without any help from known family. Everything he knows, he learned from the cruel streets and prison cells – places he’s considered home. He has forgotten details of his life, even his very name, only one recurring memory haunts him. Will he be able to move past this and forget the faces of the people who stole his childhood, his life?


‘Sa Isang Iglap’

March 25, 2016, 5:30 – 7:30 PM on GMA

The greatest test come to those who have devoted their lives to humble service. Abegail Mesa grew up a joyful child, the youngest in the family of Alex and Sol. Life drastically changed when their family lost their beloved father. Longing for what she had lost, Abe went looking for joy, love and acceptance in all the wrong ways. Right when everything seemed to have fallen apart, is it the end for Abe? To what extent can the hope of a genuine change still be attained?



March 26, 2016

Four stories that have left an indelible mark in the hearts and mind of the viewers of the 700 Club Asia.

Danny and Dawn Urquico suffered a problematic marriage. One day, he decided to murder his family when Dawn refused to give him an annulment.

Nett Gochuico grew up with hate towards his abusive father. He became a communist rebel and swore that one day he will get his revenge.

Dr. Mel Gabriel drowned in a life of depression and anxiety. Everything seemed so hopeless that suicide became his best solution.

Mila was constantly visited and wooed by an unseen creature believed to be a “kapre”. It tormented, raped and trapped her, refusing to let her live with anyone but him.


Tanikala’s Unos – Gapos

Tanikala's Unos - Gapos

CHOOSE DAY PROMO | Get a chance to win this limited edition 2-in-1 Tanikala DVD “UNOS-GAPOS” featuring #AmyAustria, #AldenRichards, #JunjunQuintana and #BembolRoco! Paano? Abangan mamayang gabi (September 1) sa #The700ClubAsia, 11 p.m., sa #GMANewsTV.

Partner with Us!

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The Prayer Center External Operation is in charge of the CBN Asia Church Partnership Program, in collaboration with CBN Asia Family of Ministries. We endeavor to work with different churches and Christian organizations in “proclaiming Christ and transforming lives” using our combined resources. Our partnership program works in cooperation, not in competition, with the Body of Christ.

Our tv program, The 700 Club Asia, aims to expose the Gospel to television viewers. If somebody responds, we share the Gospel, pray and counsel them, and refer them to your churches.

This partnership have transformed former convicts, gamblers and the like to faithful pastors, full-time ministers and volunteers in local churches and are now sharing the Gospel to people who want to know Christ.

The very reason why we exist is to take part in the fulfillment of God’s mission in this world, to bring the lost to the light and bring the hopeless to the source of hope who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Partner with us in fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Proclaiming Christ, Transforming Lives,


External Operations Manager, CBN Asia Prayer Center