Answered Prayers: Modern Miracles Hits Small Screen

By Jennifer Wishon/CBN News White House Correspondent

NEW YORK — Answered prayers — they’re what Christians seek daily and often God answers just when we think all hope is lost.

Tired of the discouraging news on television, actress and producer Roma Downey decided to look for inspiration.

She went to churches across the country asking for stories of answered prayers and the response was overwhelming. Twenty of those modern day miracles will be relived in her new series, “Answered Prayers.”

“You know, on ‘Touched by an Angel’ we used to say that coincidence was God’s way of remaining anonymous, and you see in these stories how God shows up again and again,” Downey told CBN News during an interview in New York City.

She knows that for some people the idea of God answering prayers may seem foreign.

“It’s my hope people will come to this show, maybe people who don’t share our faith and who will be so stunned by these stories that it will give them pause to think again,” she said.

The show is poised to air at a time when many Americans fear their religious liberty is threatened.

“I’m just really encouraged,” Downey said. “I think back when we put our production company together and we launched ‘The Bible’ series, many people thought we had lost our minds.”

“They said nobody is going to tune in to watch the Bible on television, nobody cares enough and we’re like ‘really?’ And, of course, 100 million people tuned in in the States alone,” she recalled. “I think we as Christians are an underserved audience.”

Downey has high hopes for “Answered Prayers,” which she produces and narrates.

“We’re hoping that the show might birth a prayer revival,” she said. “We know that we need prayer now more than ever. There’s a lot of fear in our nation; there’s a lot of things going on in our world that are very scary, and I think it’s good to be just reminded that our God is an almighty God and when we reach out to Him, He hears us,” she said.

“Even if you don’t believe, there will be a moment where you will scratch your head and say, there’s no logical explanation for any of the outcomes of these stories. Something supernatural is going on here,” Downey added, with a smile.

“Answered Prayers” premieres on TLC this Sunday at 10 p.m. EST.