In My Father’s Arms

A mother and daughter’s relationship by the tragic death of the head of the home. His death anniversary reunites them and exposes secrets inciting more tension between the two.




Hey kids! It’s time to meet your newest friends on TV!

Meet Bon Haribon, Diva Butanding, Dok Pil, Tarsiera, Tama Raw, and Kuya Maki!

Adventures become exciting with team Oyayi! Don’t forget Kuwago Zhibago(a robot owl) and his sidekicks, the Turnilyons.

Oyayi is an educational-entertainment show for this generation. Every adventure is packed with lessons to inspire children promoting family, arts, culture and environment!

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The Flying House

We were having fun, playing hide and seek.

Then a summer storm appeared

Corky got afraid when it started to rain

Then we came upon a house

Should we go inside?

Come on and go with us

Lord who knows where

It’s so fun to fly through time in the Flying House!

Oh, it’s great to fly in the Flying House

I just won’t forget that home again.


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