Running Over


CBN Asia Prayer Center Hotlines

CBN Asia asked the Lord of the Harvest for laborers to gather in His great harvest. He provided, both running over.

The Center received and made calls by the thousands. It received text messages, emails, letters and chatted with people online. It also sent text messages, and replied to your emails and letters.

These brought about thousands being led to Christ who were referred to church partners, of which are now being nurtured. CBN Asia also got new potential partners and some partnership reactivation. A quite number inquired and pledged to support the ministry monetarily. The Center also got thanksgivings for answered prayers.

As more people made a decision to receive Christ, the Center now has 20 additional volunteers while 10 more are currently undergoing the basic Prayer Center training.  Preparation for the CBN Prayer Center – Extension is also well under –way in its staffing and training.

It is essential for CBN Asia to seek out the help of local churches to nurture these new followers of Christ. As of March 2016, we have partnered with 8,382 churches, nationwide.

The Center’s grateful and desires to be faithful to His cause.



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