M2M @Masbate City: He Said, She Said

M2M @Masbate City

“It’s awesome to hear more about this CBN Asia Ministries. For your nurturing us by your good and tremendous effort to come and to share God’s Word with us, thank you so much. God bless us all.”

Edgar A. Madrenian

Household of God


“We are grateful to God for the opportunity to attend and experience this kind of seminar that help us grow more in our marriage. We are really blessed. To God be the glory and honor! Thank you CBN Asia, The 700 Club Asia. More power!”

Pastor Erlito Z. Solasco

Curvada Baptist Church


“I learned a lot in this seminar. Please continue your mission. We appreciate your time and effort for these fruitful activities.”

Estercasio C. Pimentel Jr.

Love of Christ Christian Family Church, Inc.


“We are greatly blessed to have you here. We will continually pray for you as you minister to the husbands and wives all over the world. We learned many things.”

Cayetano D. Balbuena Jr.

Lighthouse Christian Center


“May God bless CBN Asia for ministering to the Christian couples of Masbate. Thank God for His blessing. To God be the glory.”

Armida M. Bisnar

Baptist Church


“The CBN Asia/ The 700 Club Asia is very important ministry especially to the church leaders today.”

Pastor Juvic V. Desaliza

Love of Christ


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