What About Philippine Politics?




Politics has long been a hot topic—more so now, as we count down the days to the 2016 national elections. Amidst the noise of debates, arguments, and campaign rallies, What About Philippine Politics? dares ask the Filipino Christian, “What does it mean to love my country in light of my love for my Lord?” These featured essays invite you to reflect on how your Christian faith and practice should cast a light on how you engage Philippine Politics.

With valuable contributions from church leaders Bishop Noel Pantoja, Bishop Reuben Abante, Dr. Isabelo F. Magalit, and Pastor Jun Gonzaga; inspirational speaker and lawyer Alex Lacson; bestselling authors Ronald Molmisa, Rei Lemuel Crizaldo, and Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano; Ang Kapatiran’s Atty. Nandy Pacheco and Norman Cabrera; social anthropologist and missiologist Dr. Melba P. Maggay; poet and former political detainee Mila Aguilar; and bloggers Jord Earving Gadingan and Ronaldo Patrocinio.

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What can you see read in this free e-book?

Wise Leadership

Originally published in Faith in the Corridors of Power, Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano reflected on the words of the late former Senator Jovito Salonga on the need of our government for ethical moral leadership. The statesman’s insights still resonate in our present, even after all these years.


Our Beloved Philippines Today

Alex Lacson gives a status report on the state of the Philippine government today, roots out one of the biggest problems of our political system, and offers a solution.


Christian Filipinos are Still Filipinos

Bishop Reuben Abante challenges Christian Filipinos to embrace who they are as a Christians and live it out as Filipinos, to vote according to our faith during the upcoming national elections, and even ensure that we’ll have a part in fielding better candidates in the future.


Casting Your Vote for Christian Candidates?

Rei Lemuel Crizaldo shares his thoughts on whether or not we should vote for Christian candidates simply because they share our faith. One would think it’s an easy to question to answer, but there could be more to this than we think.


Church as Power Broker

Melba Maggay discusses the relationship of the Christian church with the state in terms of its influence and power in the hearts of the people. Does the church really need to “play politics” to do good in this world?


Liham Para sa Mga Pag-Asa ng Bayan

“Kuya” Ronald Molmisa writes a very frank open letter to the Filipino youth. Here, he reminds them that our country’s recent history is still very relevant today, calling on them to be the citizens that the Philippines need them to be, to shed off social apathy, and to be more informed, especially in the coming national elections.


Issues that Make Us Avoid Politics

Norman Cabrerra challenges the presumptions and fears of Filipino Catholics that keeps them from being more involved in Philippine politics, when they should.


A Parable for our Time

Pastor Jun Gonzalez makes a Scripture-based case for voting according to our conscience in this upcoming national elections.


Considering the Christian Vote

What is the role of the church in Philippine Politics, especially in the upcoming elections? Bishop Noel Pantoja lays down a few sound priniciples for pastors and a guide for Christian voters in choosing our next set of leaders.


Fighting for Righteousness in 2016

Mila Aguilar shares her passionate testimony about her faith and fight against the “forces of corruption” and to help bring about the righteousness that our nation sorely needs.

Sitting Out the Elections

Atty. Nandy Pacheco has seen a lot of Presidents come and go in his lifetime, and he has been actively working on bringing about positive change in society. Months before the elections, he announced that he is boycotting it, taking a different a very different approach to changing a system he deems as flawed.


Hinga Nang Malalim

Social worker Jord Gadingan shares his frustrations for the twisted bureaucracy, the campaign strategies of those running for positions in the government and the tendency of the Filipino to look for a superhero to save us all, when the superhero is but human after all.


Choose With Your Heart

Ronaldo Patrocinio spills his heart out how he would always love the Philippines, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do they part.


On Faith, Feelings, and Politics

Four “regular” Filipinos: Beng Alba-Jones, Percival Buncab, Justine Hail, and Martin Valenzuela answer the question: What do you feel strongly about in these coming national elections, in the light of your faith?


A Vision for the Nation

Dr. Isabelo Magalit shares his vision for the Philippines


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