Launch And Furtherance



New Year.

Two words that could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It could be a new beginning, a clean slate to some. It could be a continuation, a building on previous endeavors that worked out right.

2016 to CBN Asia Prayer Center meant both, it’s a fresh start and a furtherance of what God has entrusted to its staff.

The CBN Asia Prayer Center continues to receive calls, text messages, emails, letters and chats online. The Center was able to respond to all of them.

These brought about people by the thousands being led to Christ and referred to our church partners, of which they’re being nurtured. CBN Asia also got new partners and partnership reactivation. The Center also received feedback of thanksgiving for answered prayers.

The New Year also meant challenges, to faith and commitment.

But we all serve the God who has promised that He who begun a good work in all us, will be faithful to complete it till that great day comes.


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