M2M @Nueva Vizcaya: He Said, She Said

Ministering to Ministers @Nueva Vizcaya

An excellent treat for the couples especially we as pastors who are in the field of ministry. To God be the glory. God bless CBN Asia!

Pastor David P. Castillo

Jesus Is Alive Fellowship


So much laughter and encouragement to make the relationship between husband and wife stronger. God bless!

Jigger P. Romero

Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach


We are blessed! We can’t pledged financially yet. However, our prayers be with you. May God bless you more so that more people will be blessed!

Lalaine & Jay – Ar Tomas



Ministering to Ministers with Peter and Christine Kairuz, for couples present, we are fully blessed with the speakers, their messages are functional especially to couples for happier relationships.

Ernesto C. Barbieto

FREE Christian Fellowship


It’s so encouraging and today is a very memorable day, Feb. 13, 2016.

Diosdado M. Ordonez


I’m so much blessed. My marriage was struggling and I know our relationship will become closer and intimate.

Vicente & Rosie Aguirre

Faith & Grace Christian Assembly



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