The CBN Asia Prayer Center received 7,804 calls, made 5,389 for a total of 13,193 calls. It received 84,383 text messages, 570 emails, 6 letters and chatted with 4,889 online. The Center also sent 342, 842 text messages, and replied to 1,219 emails and letters.

Numbers can be daunting sometimes. And these concerns can get even the best of a prayer counselor. But time and again, God reminds His servants, He’s still on top of things. His Word constantly prompts trust and obedience.

And He rewards those that choose to do so. Then these same numbers cause us all to praise.

These brought about 11,698 being led to Christ with 1,186 referred to church partners, of which 25 are being nurtured. CBN Asia also got 128 potential new partners and 3 partnership reactivations. A total 696 of inquired and pledged to support monetarily. The Center also got 20 thanksgiving for answered prayers.

Needs are met, illnesses are healed, worries replaced with peace and countless praise uttered in silence. Breaks and breakthroughs that have been granted, the list could be endless.

Now we give God thanks,

not because things have been made great,

but we were reminded,

He is eternally good.










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