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Hey kids! It’s time to meet your newest friends on TV! Say hello to BON HARIBON, DIVA BUTANDING, DOK PIL, TARSIERA, TAMA RAW, and KUYA MAKI (played by actor/host Icko Gonzalez, BOK of Sineskwela) also in the cast is Iam Ruther Urquia as KUWAGO ZHIBAGO, the robotic owl together with his wacky trio assistants, the Tornilyons!

National Council for Children’s Television (OFFICIAL) and CBN Asia Inc. proudly present OYAYI (Lullaby) — the newest children’s TV program that kids and families will surely love. Now, children and their parents will have another reason to bond and have fun, while learning valuable lessons together at the comforts of their homes.

Oyayi aims to cultivate, promote, and rekindle among the youth timeless lessons such as love for family and for others, appreciation for arts and culture, preservation and conservation of our environment and natural resources, wise and responsible use of technology and social media, disaster preparedness, and much more!

Oyayi seeks to ignite kids’ passion and love for country, encourage them to be responsible citizens, and equip them to use and maximize their talents and skills to its greatest potential that will benefit the country and the future generations to come.

Oyayi is based on the story concept of children’s storybook author Fernando Rosal Gonzalez Directed by: John Valdes Tan



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