Don’t Close the Book On Me Yet

By Matthew West

Please enjoy the gift of UNTOLD – a positive, heartfelt call to action around the gift of life and the powerful purpose God has for each and every child, planned or unplanned.

Inspired by the stories of others, this song has a special place in my heart. Having played back-to-back benefit concerts, one for an adoption center and one for a pregnancy center, I found myself reflecting on these incredible organizations and so many other ministries who are truly unsung heroes in giving a voice to ALL of God’s children. I received a thank you letter from one of the centers saying,

“Our staff is praying that God will give you a song to begin to change the hearts of people regarding abortion, the women and men caught in crisis pregnancy, and for ministry to those who have had abortions. It is such a controversial subject but truly it is only God’s love that changes hearts and that is what we want to do, share that love with others. That is what you do so well.”


MCPC – Mid Cities Pregnancy Center

God placed this song on my heart and I pray it will serve to honor and inspire ministries, churches, organizations, and individuals who courageously share hope and life-affirming options to all those in need, along with forgiveness and compassion for those who seek it.

I offer this song to you as a gift and catalyst to invite our communities to come together in a meaningful way to inspire awareness, promote prayer, and save lives.

Matthew West





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