United by God

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Pastor Nestor & Mrs. Astuti Jaropojop

Living Rock Ministries Inc./San Jose Christian Fellowship

Brgy. West, San Jose, Northern Samar

Please share with us how the Lord has ministered to you through CBN Asia’s Ministering to Ministers.

The Lord ministered to us through the very unique ministry of M2M, in giving us an opportunity to be ministered rather than both of us ministering to others as we usually do. Oh truly God is so good, because when we give less for ourselves, He will always make sure to use somebody as a channel to minister to us in many ways.

After 27 years of marriage, we praise God for having given us the chance to renew our vows for each other. Thank you so much M2M!


If there’s one profound truth/lesson you’ve gained out of M2M, what would it be? Why?

That no matter what season we are in – the couple that is united by God in marriage will stand together. No matter how big the family is, in the end the two of us will stand by each other till death.


How has Ministering to Ministers helped your personal walk with our Lord? With your marriage? With your ministry?

We became more intimate with the Lord and with each other. We were able to understand each other more especially when in times one of us needs EGR (the Extra Grace Required) that Sis. Christine shared to us.


Why should other CBN Asia Community Partners attend M2M? What is the importance of M2M to the local church? To your community?

They should be encouraged to attend to this one of a kind ministry. It’s a rare or unique ministry that every minister should not miss!

This ministry contributes a lot in the local church because it focuses on the front liners in the ministry. Most importantly, it strengthens the relationship, of the marriages of church leaders which is the main target of the enemy.

It is our prayer that the Lord continue to use M2M in reaching all pastors, and church leaders throughout our dear nation. Many are waiting and longing to be ministered, we pray that MARRIAGES will be saved through M2M just in time, for I know God is always on time.






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