A Bountiful Harvest


Extra hands to gather in a bountiful harvest must be celebrated.

On October, a 70% increase was noted of those being ushered to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. About 2, 000 were also referred to our church partners for their nurture of their new life in Christ.

Mauro accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through the program. He is an avid viewer and loves the featured topics especially about marriage. They went through many trials but they are overcoming it because of the Lord.

Praise God also for two prayer counselors added to Makati Center and five volunteers to the Cebu Center.

The CBN Asia Prayer Center received 8,354 calls, made 6,398 for a total of 14,752 calls. It received 94,207 text messages, 1091 emails, 10 letters and chatted with 4,662 online. The Center also sent 378,665 text messages, and replied to 1,471 emails and letters.

These brought about 20,280 being led to Christ with 1,998 referred to church partners, of which 30 are being discipled. CBN Asia also got 118 potential new partners and 5 partnership reactivations. A total 217 of inquired and pledged to support monetarily. The Center also got 57 thanksgiving for answered prayers.




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