M2M @Bataan: He Said, She Said



We’re happy of the club for having the fellowship of all pastors in the province and we felt the hands of God moving in our society. Thanks a lot!

Rev. Elizar Mann

Floridablanca, Pampanga


CBN Asia has done a lot in making a difference in the lives of the people in the Philippines as well as Asia. God bless!

Larry F. Santos

Jesus Glory & Power Praise Center


I’m blessed because of the message I heard and the information I received. God bless 700 Club Asia.

Pastor Cesar K. Pena

New Testament Christian Baptist Church


It’s great to work together for the glory of our God. Thank you for the Ministering to Ministers. Thank you very much. You are a blessing to us.

Pastor Carlito O. Pagulayan

Bataan Full Gospel Church


Knowing your ministry, I was inspired to be a partner of CBN Asia. Today, I’ve learned many things that will help me as a pastor, husband and father to our child, Isaac. Thank you so much, CBN Asia. More blessings!

Pastor Ernie Barrion

Living Bread Bible Fellowship




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