When September Ends…

...because He is good.
…because He is good.

September has come and gone for CBN Asia Prayer Center. The Center is happy to report the following; we received 7,876 calls, made 6,304 for a total of 14,180 calls. It received 81,657 text messages, 937 emails, 6 letters and chatted with 4,639 online.  The Center has sent 344,663 text messages and replied to 914 emails and letters.

These resulted to 11,955 being led to a saving knowledge of Christ, 801 of them referred to church partners, and 20 of them now being nurtured. CBN Asia also got 71 potential new partners and 2 reactivations. A total of 842 inquired and pledged to support monetarily. It also received 36 thanksgiving for answered prayers.

The survey to gauge customer satisfaction also continues. Just as it is fulfilling to know that the Center is meeting needs, one of the goals is to cater to more people. Respondents said they would recommend the Center to families and friends. One consider us his lifeline to God while another believed he is so blessed every time he was prayed over. Another caller referred us to her daughter while one gave our hotline numbers to his daughter’s boyfriend. Words that warm hearts and strengthen hands, ours.



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