Praise The One Who Gives The Increase

...because He is good.
…because He is good.

On the eight month of 2015, CBN Asia Prayer Center received 7,511 calls, made 6,178 for a total of 13,689 calls. It received 84,972 text messages, 1,201 emails, 14 letters and chatted with 4,684 online. The Center has sent 239,428 text messages, and replied to 1,179 emails and letters.

The prayer counselors were able to lead 12,392 to a saving knowledge of Christ, referred 1157 to our church partners with 36 now in Bible study groups. CBN Asia also got 71 potential new partners and 4 partnership reactivations. A total of and 96 inquired and pledged to support monetarily.

And as CBN Asia strive to proclaim Christ who alone can transform lives, we are grateful for the dedicated church partners who usher in people into His Church. The nurture which the counselees receive thru the Bible study groups were much appreciated. “There has been a lot of blessing and improvement in my relationship with my husband since I attended the church that you have referred to us,” a wife testified.

It is always a joy to hear that God blesses all those involved in this ministry. But more than wonderful words we received, we praise God who gives the increase.


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