M2M @Catarman: He Said, She Said

“We are deeply inspired of what God had made for us today, TO GOD BE THE GLORY! We’ve learned a lot, both of us as a couple. We are more deeply in love once again with each other. We love you, hope to see each other again. Stay blessed!
Pastor Simon and Lisa Buccat
Southern Baptist Church of Allen


“We really appreciate the uniqueness of your ministry, we’re feel so blessed of being one of those millions that have been ministered to.

May this ministry reach out to more ministers around the globe, more supporters, intercessors, good health and protection be unto 700 Club and M2M team. Our love for one another have been reinvigorated.

We are blessed for having this seminar that gives knowledge and wisdom on how we improve our marriage. I hope there’ll be more seminars just like this. God bless your team.”

Pastor Nestor & Astuti Jaropojop

San Jose Christian Fellowship


“We are so blessed by this ministry (M2M), first time to happen here in Northern Samar. To God be the glory! Thank you so much!”

Pablo Martinez Beldad

LRM – Pambujan Christian Fellowship


“M2M is a great blessing for us, awesome impartations and words of encouragement, especially po sa couples/pastors. Dahil ngayon lang nagkaroon ng unity ang 3 ministerial association ng Northern Samar. From now on, we are one of your prayer partners.”

Josefina M. Dones

Assemblies of God


“Pastor Peter’s and Mrs. Christine Kairuz’ testimonies before their encounter with Jesus Christ were so powerful, as well their life in Jesus Christ now.”

Gerardo Macabansag

Catarman temple of Praise


“Thank you very much to Sir Peter and Ma’am Christine and to the staff of CBN Asia. We’ve been enlightened, our needs as couple were meet. God bless you all. “Pinaligaya nyo po kaming mag – asawa.”

Mark Bacuetes

Cabadiangan Christian Fellowship










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