Wonderful Opportunities

CBN Asia Prayer Center - Cebu City

The CBN Asia Prayer Center fulfills God’s mission by bringing the lost to the light, leading the hopeless to our Lord Jesus Christ.

With the opening of the Cebu Prayer Center last July 14, our Cebuano – speaking viewers can now pour their heart out, be counseled and prayed for in their native tongue. Eulogia of Liloan says, “Avid fan ko sa 700 Club Asia, nakita ko gabii ang number sa Cebu Prayer Center, pinaagi sa 700 Club show. Nalipay ko kay naa nay Cebu Prayer Center. Mao ng mitawag ko kay taga Cebu man ko”.

We’re grateful for this wonderful opportunity and for those in our Davao and GenSan Centers, too.

This July, we received 7,505 calls and made 9,267 for a total of 16,772 calls. We received 124,643 text messages, 924 emails, 10 letters and chatted with 6,235. We sent 156,276 text messages, gave out 162 literatures and replied to 1,191 emails and letters.

We’re able to lead 12,354 to Christ, referred 1,104 to our church partners, 46 of them are being nurtured. We also got 107 potential new partners and 4 partnership reactivations. Seventy inquired and pledged their support monetarily while the other seventy shared their thanksgiving.

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