Survey Says

...because He is good.
…because He is good.

June is usually a lean month but 2015 yielded a very satisfactory result. A survey conducted indicated that the Prayer Center was able to meet the needs for prayer and counseling. Out of the eighty asked; one said, “The service is excellent.” They would even recommend the Prayer Center to others.

The CBN Asia Prayer Center received 7,554 calls and made 5,626 for a total of 13,180 calls. We got 92,912 text messages, 776 emails, 15 letters and chatted 6,053 online.  We sent 168,786 text messages, gave 242 literatures and replied to 1081 emails and letters.

We’re able to lead 10,709 to Christ, referred 986 to our church partners, of which 198 of them are being nurtured. We also got 173 potential new partners and 8 partnership reactivations. A total of 422 inquired and pledged to support monetarily.

We also got 79 thanksgiving for answered prayers; these were of Kateryn’s: “Di naman na lahat ng pagtawag ko’y puro panalangin, nais ko ring magpasalamat sa lahat ng mga katugunan ng Panginoon sa aking panalangin.” Her daughter suffered post emclampsia but was able to weather through it. The hospital bill amounted to a hundred thousand yet God graciously provided for their needs.


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 CBN Asia Prayer Center


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