M2M @La Union


Marriage has its own seasons.

It is springtime for the newlyweds, every minute always seems to be romantically magical. You saw each other as flawless perfection. Little effort is required for you to be intimate. You’re always on fire, your chemistry is highly combustible

Its summertime for couples with kids. Romance fades a little because of the time and a lot of energy required to care for kids. The illusion of perfection disappears; differences and imperfections are more obvious. This is where love is tested.

It’s autumn when kids become teens and young adults. Because they can go out on their own and have more freedom, there is less of the hands-on type of supervision. Romance bounces back. You’ve accepted imperfections. There’s no more illusion, no more efforts at changing each other. You’ve passed through trials, weathered some storms. Your love was tested and it passed.

Winter has come when you’re already an empty nester, when everyone’s married and moved out. Romance wise, you now have more time to rediscover each one. You can now enjoy the fruits your labor. You can celebrate imperfections because you’ve been married for over 30, 40 years or more. You still get into each other’s nerves yet manages to still remain sweet.

This begs the question, is it possible for a couple to remain intimate in every season of their married life?

Intimacy is possible in every season of your marriage.

  • If you would come to realize that at the very end of your relationship it’s always been you, your spouse and the Lord all these years.
  • Appreciate that your spouse is your very best friend at all times. God deemed you his suitable helpmeet. She is the favor you received from the Lord.
  • And that He has remained the constant Anchor of your relationship. He is that Friend that sticks closer than a brother and the very Author of your marriage.

These we’ve witnessed at the recent Ministering to Ministers at San Fernando City, La Union. With couples like Pastor Larry and Elvie Cabatic, celebrating their twenty four years as husband and wife, both are doing well in the government and church posts entrusted them. Pastor Daniel and wife Josefina both affirmed their 38 years together are, ““Minsan masaya, minsan may konting diperensya; okay naman kasi mayroon kaming give & take”. To Pastor Ernie and Muriel Palacio; “the 40 years, 11 days and 11 hours spent together here and abroad were both a discovery and an adventure.”

It has always been CBN Asia’s prayer to bless, encourage and empower our partners and their spouses in whatever of their marriage they’re in that they might finish the race our Lord marked out for them. How did we fare in La Union then?

In Pastora Carmen Sheila D. Halunajan word’s; CBN Asia’s Ministering to Ministers is “refreshing, encouraging and most of all, napakaganda because both husband and wife get to realize many things for the improvement of their marriage.”


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