Of Petitions and Celebrations

...because He is good.
…because He is good.

Rallies and festivities, these two are at its peak on the month of May. One lends a voice to grievances while the other allows communal celebrations. Poles apart but when a person avail any of these, in prayer, wonderful things are bound to happen.

Here’s two of the many petitions and celebrations:

Lindon of Davao was accused of mismanaging the company’s fund and was fired from her job. She called up and asked for a prayer. The investigation result came out, clearing her name. And last May 21, she started working on another bank.

Edna of Quezon City thanked God that the visa of her daughter to Canada has been released.

The CBN Asia Prayer Center received 7,528 calls and made 5,072 for a total of 12,600 calls. We got 118,371 text messages, 793 emails, 11 letters and chatted with 7,709. We sent 187,317 text messages, gave 139 literatures and replied to 1,605 emails and letters.

We’re able to lead 16,739 to Christ, referred 1,370 to our church partners, 235 were being nurtured now. We got 128 potential new partners and 2 partnership reactivations. We also got 118 monetary pledges and inquiries. And 98 were all thanksgiving for answered prayers.


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