M2M @Iligan City: He Said, She Said (Part Two)

M2M @Iligan City

“The seminar is a great help for couples especially pastors and leaders. This could also be a big help to young couples for them to be prepared in facing a married life especially when you are in a ministry.”

Marlon Dy Closas

Assembly of God – Maigo

“Very entertaining, informative and godly couple’s seminar. Very refreshing to all of us. Very helpful. Thank you for recalling our vows and evaluating our responsibilities as wife and husband.”

Charity Grace C. Salud

Revival for Christ Church

“The topic is very interesting because it is about the submission of wife to their husband and also the love of husband to their wife. It build a coupe with a good relationship not only for the couple but also to God.”

Ronald P. Dale

The Jesus is Lord Ministry International

This M2M event today is so refreshing and very educational for the couples to remind the responsibility and obligation to the family and most of all giving acknowledgement to what God has done to one’s life.”

Perigrimo Torres

Maranatha Shalom Ministry


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