The Beat Goes On

...because He is good.
…because He is good.

Summer’s in full blast yet the Prayer Center’s still responding to the Lord’ call.

We received 6,720 calls and made 4,932 for a total of 11,652 calls. We received 128,202 text messages, 1,016 emails, 7 letters and chatted with 6,907. We sent 196,217 text messages, gave 230 literatures and replied to 1,676 emails and letters.

We’re able to lead 14,814 to Christ, referred 1,621 to our church partners and 135 of them are being nurtured now. We got 88 potential new partners and 4 partnership reactivations. We also got 86 monetary inquiries and pledges. And of 101 thanksgiving for answered prayers, we’re sharing a couple with you:

An architect who ended up in sales, had a stroke and spent most of his savings for medicine; became our regular caller while recuperating. The Lord blessed him. He’s been made the hospital’s ambassador of recovery stories. He’s ready to drive his new car to work and to church. And Jojo’s eager to share this testimony to the rest of TSCA viewers.

Anita’s sister has ulcer and must undergo an operation. A prayer of healing was uttered. Josie got what she needed, a clean bill of health, because they seek the Lord’s miracle.

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