CBN Asia Honors the Huwarang OFWs

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CBN Asia honored the winners of the search for Huwarang OFW 2015 in a recent awarding ceremony in Makati City, Monday, June 8, 2015. The search aimed to inspire and give hope to OFWs who are going through difficult situations and honor them for creating a significant impact in the lives of their families and their community.

Guest speaker Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz mentioned that in spite of the myriad of sad OFW stories we read in the news, there are still stories that talk about triumphs over challenges and difficulties faced by our kababayans abroad. Huwarang OFW 2015 intends to honor OFWs who have overcome problems, temptations, and all other challenges they face while working overseas.

This search is one of a kind. I know and I’ve seen award-giving bodies that also strive to honor our OFWs, but CBN Asia’s Huwarang OFW 2015 not only highlights the triumph of the Filipinos but also shifts the focus to the real hero behind all the beautiful stories of our kababayans,” Baldoz explained.

The heroism of the Filipinos abroad is beyond compare but without the help of our Almighty God, all of these won’t be possible,” she added. Baldoz said that the goodness of God really overflows as seen in the lives of the OFWs who won the award.

Asked what motivated her to launch the Huwarang OFW search, CBN Asia’s Production and News Director, Becky Cabral, said, “I want to show the world that our OFWs are actually a pride of the Philippines. They are God – loving and God – fearing people and they value their family and their country.”

Among the 30 entries that were screened, the compelling stories of Pedro dela Cruz, Danny and Ruby Bayasen, and Dr. Ramon Maluping emerged on top and won in the three categories namely: Huwarang OFW Family 2015, Huwarang OFW Missionary, and Huwarang OFW Individual respectively. They each received a cash prize, certificate, and gifts.

Huwarang OFW 2015 was launched by CBN Asia, the producer of The 700 Club Asia. If you want to watch the OFW stories featured on the show, you can still watch it on The 700 Club Asia Media Center –


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