Partner with Us!

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The Prayer Center External Operation is in charge of the CBN Asia Church Partnership Program, in collaboration with CBN Asia Family of Ministries. We endeavor to work with different churches and Christian organizations in “proclaiming Christ and transforming lives” using our combined resources. Our partnership program works in cooperation, not in competition, with the Body of Christ.

Our tv program, The 700 Club Asia, aims to expose the Gospel to television viewers. If somebody responds, we share the Gospel, pray and counsel them, and refer them to your churches.

This partnership have transformed former convicts, gamblers and the like to faithful pastors, full-time ministers and volunteers in local churches and are now sharing the Gospel to people who want to know Christ.

The very reason why we exist is to take part in the fulfillment of God’s mission in this world, to bring the lost to the light and bring the hopeless to the source of hope who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Partner with us in fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Proclaiming Christ, Transforming Lives,


External Operations Manager, CBN Asia Prayer Center


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