Marching On

...because He is good.
…because He is good.

In the Philippines, the rise in temperature and end of school activities both equates with the month of March. We at the Prayer Center also saw an upsurge in all our ministry channels.

We received 8,191 calls and made 5,339 for a total of 13,530 calls. We received 119,285 text messages,1,064 emails, 12 letters and chatted with 5168.  We sent 264,192 text messages, gave 245 literatures and replied to 1,527 emails and letters.

We’re able to lead 20,684 to Christ, referred 1,294 to our church partners, 115 of them are being nurtured now. We also gained 177 potential new partners, 11 partnership reactivations. We had 414 monetary pledges and inquiries. And out of 60 thanksgiving for answered prayers, here’s a couple;

“I was healed from chronic pregnancy, my relationship with my husband was also restored when we heard a word from God thru TSCA host.” Jeelani also shared that God blessed them with a business that is doing well now.

After consulting with 5 different doctors, Ma. Theresa’s child was diagnosed with brain tumor, and has to undergo an operation then radiation. After that successful operation and an MRI, her child’s all well and graduating as their high school’s salutatorian.



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