M2M @Cabanatuan City


Before the love month came to a close, CBN Asia headed to Nueva Ecija. The province, the largest in Luzon, is divided into four districts. The two – day event would have been a challenge, had our ministry partners not done their share. The Association of Ministers and Ministries of Nueva Ecija made sure that all four were well represented. How well, you ask. Let me break it down for you. Should words fail, we have pictures to prove it.

We began with a Counseling Training at the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines, Cabanatuan City. God is Alive Christian Ministries hosted 134 ministers eager to know more about Foundational Counseling Skills. Pastor Salvador Bautista walked them through with the knowledge essential for doing effective counseling, skills in shielding and protecting counselors and an overview of the stages of counseling session. Before calling it a day, they were put to a test. Our host asked for three volunteers for a mock counseling session. Then Pastor Boyet evaluated their performance and wrapped up the session.

Saving their best for last, AMME showed up in full force, all 460 of them, at La Benue Center for Events for Ministering to Ministers. It’s a very nice problem to have, quipped Pastor Gene.

Another distinct Novo Ecijano custom, integral to everything they do is music. They sung with much gusto. AMMNE Chairman, Pastor Ricky Cruz recognized each that had a hand in making this event possible.

An M2M would not be complete without games: Who’s celebrating a birthday? An anniversary? Who passed the Leviticus 13:14 Test? A pastor’s kid & a pastor’s grandchild too? Most prolific couple? Longest married? Newly ordained? Forty brand new CEV Learning Bibles were given away!

This not only broke the ice, words of wisdom sprung as well. Serving Jesus Christ is a family heritage, pass it on to the next generation. “Walang humihinto sa ministry”. Share the Word, even in death bed because he is; “One more soul for Christ”.

These words highlighted the reason behind M2M. The family, society’s base unit is under attack. And those of the ministers’ are not exempted. In Keeping Your Marriage Ablaze, Peter & Christine Kairuz underlined the Biblical principles taught by the apostle Paul on Ephesians.

Husbands and wives were exhorted view their union in the light of Christ’s Lordship over them. With their love – tanks filled, couples renew their declarations to each other.



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