CBN Asia Community Partnership

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Church Referral

The CBN Asia Prayer Center has hundreds of faithful partner churches who help our callers live a fruitful Christian life. We’re more than happy to endorse them to a partner Christian church near where they live or work.

Coffee Fellowship

This is the time where we present, in depth, what CBN Asia Community Partnership is all about. Basically, it’s a fellowship of ministry partners over coffee & pizza.  This fellowship also comes with a CBN Asia tour and an informal photo opportunity.

Basic Counseling Training

Pastor Salvador Bautista, External Operations Manager of CBN Asia Prayer Center trains church partners in basic counseling to better equip them in the ministry.

Ministering to Ministers

It is CBN Asia’s goal for our partners and their spouses alike will be blessed, encouraged and empowered to finish the race our Lord marked out for them. Thus, we minister to ministers.


A 2.0 version of CBN Asia Community Partnership wherein fellowship, equipping, accountability, and reciprocity would be maximized for the fulfillment of our call. Details coming soon, we’ll keep you posted.


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