More of You

Colton Dixon’s acclaimed debut single, More of You, is the first in a long line of diverse and uniquely beautiful tracks on Colton’s upcoming highly anticipated sophomore album titled “Anchor”.

The incredible lead single “More Of You” has an almost worship vibe that took everyone involved by surprise. Watch and enjoy!

I made my castle tall, I built up every wall. This is my kingdom and it needs to fall. I want You and no one else. Empty me of myself, until the only thing that’s left is…

More of You, less of me. Make me who I’m meant to be. You’re all I want, all I need, You’re everything. Take it all I surrender, be my King. God, I choose more of You less of me. I need more of You.

This life I hold so close, oh, God I let it go. I refuse to gain the world and lose my soul. So take it all, I abandon. Everything I am, You can have it. The only thing that I need is…

All to You I surrender. All to You my blessed Savior. I surrender all.


Published by Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, REGENT MUSIC CORPORATION


We’re starting a new series, this time around, we’ll be featuring young Christian artists . How passionate are they in their crafts? They’re nominated in this year’s K-LOVE Fan Awards, an awards show for Christians in music, sports, books and movies.


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