Faithworks Christian Church


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 “We came to know the ministry of CBN Asia, thru Ms Wella Sanay, one of your counselors who happens to be our church mate when we were still in Cornerstone Christian Church Novaliches.

Then, we started Faithworks Christian Church in San Mateo. We have been partners with CBN Asia as Faithworks Christian Church, way back August 2005. It has been a blessing to our church, because the partnership with The 700 Club Asia has been integrated into our evangelism program, we contacted and visited those whom you have referred to us.

 For the past 4 years, more or less 115 persons have referred to us. We make sure that we visit them, or contact them, and invite them to join our church every time.

 We have 10 families, more or less, who are now attending Faithworks Christian Church, equivalent to 25 individuals. Some of those referrals are also attending other churches near their place, so we don’t follow up them anymore. The others, we kept on following them up and visiting them from time to time. Ten were already baptized, ten were already in the cell group while two are now in our finance, and ushering ministry.

 Some of the challenges we have encountered were when they don’t want to attend any Born – again churches but they like to continue calling The 700 Club Asia, and they don’t want to leave their old faith.

 How did we deal with it? We just continued visiting them, sharing the Gospel, and showing love and concern to them. We pray for them.

 How can CBN Asia improve its church partnership program? Just continue referring to us your callers. And if you can inform them also that you will refer them to FCC and Pastor Vetty and/or his leaders will call or visit them as soon as possible.”


Pastor Vitaliano C. Gutierrez

Faithworks Christian Church, Inc

74 General Luna St. Ampid 1, San Mateo, Rizal





“Yes, it is my pleasure, if you will share this as a testimony of how the Lord is using CBN Asia for His glory. And thank you very much for trusting FCC in following up your callers, for God’s glory.”


Pastor Vetty Gutierrez

Senior Pastor, Faithworks Christian Church


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