Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc.


Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. is the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia, the producer of “The 700 Club Asia.” Established in 1996 to reach out to the most neglected and disadvantaged people in the Philippines, Operation Blessing is a non-governmental organization, duly licensed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development and accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification as a donee institution.

Since its inception, Operation Blessing has inspired change in the lives of more than a million people from all over the Philippines through medical and disaster response missions, community and children’s programs, skills training and livelihood, and water and sanitation projects.

Whether aboard helicopters or trucks, by banca or on foot, OB travels hours – even days – to reach places where many others have not gone. Thousands of doctors, dentists, nurses, and non-medical volunteers have offered their services for free in hundreds of OB missions here and abroad.

But more than material assistance, it is bringing God’s message of hope and a new beginning to people who are suffering that is the hallmark of every Operation Blessing mission.


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