Caller’s Fellowship @LJOR Commonwealth

“I came to know the ministry of The 700 Club Asia, specially the Prayer Center and Church Partners’ Ministry during one of our pastors meeting. Pastor Rodnie were there and he imparted to us the ministry of CBN Asia. We provided him with our e-mail addresses and contact numbers. Several weeks after that we received church referrals from the Prayer Center, from there my partnership with The 700 Club Asia started. My partnership with The 700 Club Asia runs, I think, for over 5 years now.

My partnership with The 700 Club Asia is a big blessing. One factor why our church grew in membership is the referrals from The 700 Club Asia. Most of the referrals where not yet saved but they are receptive and open to the Gospel. It’s easy to win them, you’ll just need extra patience in visiting them, counseling, and praying for their needs. Aside from growth in membership some of the referrals became leaders as well, became ministry heads, cell group leaders, and ministry members.

More than a hundred has been referred to our church. A lot, maybe 50% of the referrals have been visited, others don’t want to be visited but they still communicate with us through text.

Fifty are now regularly attending church services, including family members of the referrals. One went abroad, but she’s still attending LJOR in Abu Dhabi. We’ve baptized twenty persons, 50 are now part of a care group. Four ministers with us, one is an area leader, an elder and heads the multi-media ministry, one’s with the dance ministry, the third heads the ushering ministry and the fourth heads the single’s ministry.

Ministering to those callers is not that easy. Why? Because they have a lot of problems when they called up The 700 Club Asia Prayer Center. We need to help them, give them encouragement and advices, though, we find it as good challenges. One thing more, locating their residences is not that easy too. Some addresses were not complete, and have no sketch as guide, and some were not existing when we ask the people on the area.

We ask God’s grace for us to give them wise advices. And we also ask the Lord’s wisdom and knowledge in finding their location. We ask some people to help us locate the address provided by The 700 Club Asia.

Fellowship not just among The 700 Club Asia’s new church partners, which happen during the regular coffee fellowship, but with all church partners for the purpose of edification & encouragement, sharing of strategies, struggles & victories.”

Pastor Ven G. Vinarao

Lord Jesus Our Redeemer Church Foundation International Incorporation

Mezzanine Coronet Bldg. 879 Aurora Blvd. cor. Cambridge St. Cubao, Quezon City

(02) 921 90 91


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