Love Inside – Out

...because He is good.
…because He is good.

It’s the love month! And Prayer Center’s love tank is once again filled up by the Lord. He added 205 new church partners! Thus furthering our cause, usher the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and nurture their growth, holistically. We also had a stress de-briefing exercise cum Valentine treat and the launching of a recognition program for the month’s early birds.

With that love, it is but natural for the Prayer Center to share this to others. We received 7,352 calls, made 4,781 for a total of 12,133 calls. We received 89,358 text messages, 799 emails, 8 letters and chatted with 4,461. We’ve also sent 196,141 text messages, 168 literatures and 1,026 email replies.

All these figures to 10,255 being led to Christ, 773 were referred to churches and 1055 are being nurtured now. We’re grateful for our partners, 128 potentials and 7 reactivations. We also had 60 thanksgiving for answered prayers and 262 monetary pledges and inquiries.

Meanwhile Super Book received 38 calls, 2,414 texts, 645 emails and sent to 491 and 64 chats. SB also led 676 to Christ. All that plus a pledge of support to SB’s distinct ministry.


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