Close to the Broken Hearted

“The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart. “

These were the words of King David on Psalm 34:18 when he reflected back on the goodness of the Lord. What was recorded of him being heard in the hour of peril is still true to this day. We met Lyn, a long – time viewer and donor, when a team from CBN Asia got invited to a Caller’s Fellowship at the Manila Faith Assembly of God last February.


It was on a Monday night, when she got a call. Her father, who has liver cirrhosis, was dying. While Lyn, herself was having a bout with anxiety. Her friend advised her to contact the Prayer Center. She chatted with the one of the counselors and asked for a prayer. “The moment I accepted God as my Savior and the online counselor prayed for me and my very ill father, we received the miracle of healing.”

The following day, her father stood up and was able to walk. And everybody thought he’s not going to live longer after being admitted to the hospital. “I believe God wants me to continue my search for His Kingdom. And He wants my father to live longer so he can witness us growing in the Lord. From then on, we always claim our healing. God is our Healer. And He is an amazing God!”

“The Prayer Center also referred me to one of their partner churches. And on my birthday, I got an encouraging text. Pastor Jess didn’t know it then, but he made my day. See how God is good all the time? Each day, I experience His blessings and revelations. Jesus is alive!”

When asked how she is doing now, Lyn said, “I am more and more close to our Lord, for He’s not only Almighty but the Heavenly Father. And I am very happy with the Lord for I found a church through the 700 Club Asia ministry. And I will continue and forever be with the Lord our God for He changed me, my attitude, and my whole character and made me a loving Christian.”

We also asked if she’d allow us to feature her testimony, these were words, “Hi, you have my consent to share my testimony to the world because that was God’s purpose for me. He uses the CBN Asia Ministry so that others may seek Him and His heavenly kingdom. All praises and worship to our dear Lord! God bless CBN Asia’.

~ Lyn Tacud

Manila Faith Assembly of God


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