Ministry Partnership


Ministry Partnership
Ministry Partnership

Whereas both parties are committed to obeying God’s commission and to propagating the Gospel of the Kingdom on earth through a Bible – based counseling ministry.

This agreement is being entered into by and between the CBN Asia Prayer Center and a local church, in consideration of the foregoing premises and the mutual covenants herein provided, the parties agree, as follows:


The CBN Asia Prayer Center will provide the church partner with the following:

  • Referrals of new and transferee believers, as well as potential Christians for discipleship in the church;
  • Free Basic Counseling Training for current and potential church counselors of the church partner as requested.

The Church Partner commits to faithfully perform the following duties and responsibilities as a duly accredited CBN Asia Prayer Center’s church partner:

  • Ensure the spiritual growth and development of all referrals from through an effective discipleship program;
  • Update the CBN Asia Prayer Center on the status and progress of all referrals right after taking the necessary actions;
  • Should there be any changes in the contact information of the church partner, inform the CBN Asia Prayer as soon as possible.

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