Called By Name: CBN Asia, Inc.

Proclaiming Christ, Transforming Lives
Proclaiming Christ, Transforming Lives

 CBN Asia is a fulfillment of a vision given to Gordon Robertson twenty years ago – a vision of boatloads of Filipinos going out into the world to preach the Gospel. Through the years, we have seen that vision became a reality. And through all of it, God has been faithful, to the work and to those He has called.

But the work is not done yet for the harvest is still great.

We are grateful to the Lord of the harvest for your partnership. Now, more than, ever we need not be just willing, ready and able, we must also be mindful of ways in making our work current and competent. We hope that through this online community, the CBN Asia Community Partners, we become better in proclaiming Christ who alone can transform lives.

Let us therefore live up to our calling, the people the Lord formed for Himself, that we may proclaim His praise.

In Christ,


Executive Vice President – Chief Operating Officer, CBN Asia, Inc.



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